She’s a hardcore, candy-store, give-me-some-more girl, girl

[video:youtube:-8WLa6umgdw] In my search to solve the riddle in my head of what influence Butch Walker had on this song by Matchbox 20 (because it sounds like its a page ripped out of the Butch Walker handbook), I found this message board...and t… more »

Bodega and Blood

[video:youtube:N1e40fSxhis] I was visiting my mom out of town this weekend and while watching her 4 channel TV..yes 4 channels, I saw this! 88| errr.... Rather,HEARD this!! 88| I don't think I have ever in my life welcomed the idea that a Gu… more »

Frank Poncherello on a motor bike...

[video:youtube:94b3gMZGorc] That's right. more »


#ButchWalker #rules #HappyBirthday Photographed by Amy Walters more »

Take a look It's in a book ....

[video:youtube:yXPRv3x2Y_A] more »

[video:youtube:xUUCJuU3l9E] more »

still... listening... can't... stop... more »

[video:youtube:O2jM9dSp6Rg] This video reminds me of learning the books of the bible in Vacation Bible School at church when I was a kid. I've never forgotten the song or the books of the bible which, by the way, has absolutely no value in my adult li… more »

The Spade

[video:youtube:KM7yIkoMncc] 2 words.. Seriously Awesome! more »

What I Would Ask Butch Walker

I saw this interview of Butch Walker by Uber Rock and thought to myself, what questions would I ask Butch Walker? Perhaps my own little Dinner for 5 like Jon Favreau. Who thinks this at one point in their life about an artist or celeb? Perhaps contemplates the ol' dinner dilemma and 10..err 11 questions to ask? Me. I do. I am that person. more »

Summer of '89

[video:youtube:vcVekkecpTk] I couldn't be more excited for this!!! 88| more »

When we are doing what we love, we don't care about time

a collection of clips of music, images and video from Butch Walker (Left of Self Centered, Letters,Butch Walker and the Lets Go Out Tonights, Leavin' the Game on Lucky Street, Sycamore Meadows,I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart, Butch Walker and the Black Widows) and The Marvelous 3 (Math and other Problems, Hey! Album, Ready, Sex, Go!). more »

Music is love in search of a word

[video:youtube:EfvlrlK34yM] #Free time video fun more »

All You Need Is Love

[video:youtube:s5mOrcvj6Mc] Happy Valentine's Day more »

There is still no cure for the common birthday.

Took a mini surprise birthday vacation to Palm Springs, CA. In the hotel there was artwork of Bianco & Nero. It reminded me of Butch Walkers Pretty Melody video for some reason. Weird right? Tomorrow...its on. [video:youtube:yHl8j4XuJY… more »

You're such a Pretty Melody

[video:youtube:9aTU5TjR39U] more »

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