You want to play the game, you'd better know the rules, love.

I found myself watching the 80s movie Deadpool with Clint
Eastwood. I also found myself making a list of reasons you should
watch this movie.
Is that sarcasm?
Yes it is.

17 reasons to watch Deadpool...GO.

1. The Music
2. A list making serial killer who puts the words R.I.P.
next to his victims names after he kills them, efficient.
3. No one wears gloves when investigating the crime scene(s)
4. The killer only wears gloves when detonating a bomb...
from his car.
5. The MUSIC.
6. Old men in tennis shorts. No.
6. Liam Neeson's ponytail..and acting.
7. Hit men with semi automatics can't aim.
8. Jim Carrey (as a drug addict rock star)sings Welcome to the Jungle.
8. Guns n Roses at the funeral.
10. The killer drives his own car and controls the
remote control RC bomb car during a high speed chase.
11. The suspension on Oldsmobile's is amazing.
12. Longest high speed chase of a remote control
RC bomb car and a cop car... ever.
13. The acting of everyone but Clint Eastwood.
14. Seriously....???? NO GLOVES!!!!!!????
15. Sigh..Dexter needs to take this killer out.
16. The police response to all things Harry Callahan.
17. The end credits music.

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